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The Yoga Teacher's Training Course is designed for yoga practitioners of all skill levels, from those without prior experience to those who have put in years of practice but need certification.


Course Schedule

Theory Classes – 100 hours

Practice Classes – 70 hours

Experience with Live Yoga Classes in our in-house studio – 50 hours

Assignments, Self-reading – 80 hours

Teaching skills practice – 5 hours

Interaction with Yoga community – 5 hours

Total Learning Hours – 310 hrs


Kickoff your Physical & Mental Health Journey - Activity-based Guide and Suggested Routines.

What You'll learn:


  • Live a Healthy and Balanced Life using ancient Yogic Methods.

  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly Plan for Diet, Exercise and Sleep.

  • Use the Yogic concepts to improve your Productivity and Happiness Quotient

  • Enhance your emotional and mental superpowers.

  • Experience the peace within

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