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Deepayan Yoga - Our Journey!

Introduction of our Founder, Mr. B S Gupta, in his own words

Coming from a poor family which had its roots in a tiny village in Rajasthan, I had my own struggles while growing up. These struggles prepared me for all the challenges that lied in the journey ahead. And From my early childhood to this date, I have had an abiding faith in the divine.


I was lucky in some ways that my parents had a dream of getting me good education in 60s and early 70s. Those were difficult days in terms of finding a suitable employment. With the grace of my lord, I could find one in the high-growth Private Banking industry. Life always has other plans when you are making yours. I suffered from a life-threatening illness in my 40s which made me bed-ridden for 5 months. In those days, when there was no way to distract oneself by mobile phones etc, lying on a hospital bed was extremely distressing and depressing. It was only through teachings of Yoga that I could maintain my intellectual sanity and was able to recover fully.


It was at this stage in my life, I realised that Faith and devotion to the almighty is also a form of yoga - Bhakti yoga. And as you can see, this has kept me in good stead all my life.


After taking premature retirement from the second largest Private Bank in the country, my only mission was to serve God by serving mankind through the one life-long skill that I had learned – Yoga.


As Providence wished, I joined a year-long course in yoga and philosophies at one of the oldest Yoga institutes in the world. We set-up Deepayan Yoga in 2014, right when the country was witnessing a significant change in it’s political landscape. We started with a clear mission to spread awareness around Yoga and give students practical techniques to manage lifestyle related issues.

Interview with Mr B S Gupta

Which style of Yoga do you follow?


I follow BKS Iyengar extensively. I studied my yoga from The Yoga Institute Santacruz, Mumbai. They have their own lineage from Yogi Yogendra ji.

Based on my experience in the corporate world, I have conceptualised and designed stress management techniques for working professionals.

For meditation, I have taken valuable inputs from ancient Buddhist techniques.  


What can I expect from your classes?


We cover the entire syllabus as prescribed by the Yoga Certification Board (Ayush Ministry, GOI).

A typical session consists of a discussion on Yogic concepts, step-by-step accurate instructions for practicing Asanas with focus on correct postural alignment and synchronised breathing. We also cover basic human physiology and benefits of each Asana to a particular organ/system of the human body. Despite the intensity of the underlying subject, we make sure our classes are absolute fun and we encourage all the students to bring their respective emotions and passions to the class.


What’s on your mind these days yoga-wise?


One of the most basic issues we deal with as Yoga teachers is the increasing stiffness in our bodies due to our sedentary lifestyles. Hence, it is not possible for the students to do a complete Asana at one go; one of the ways that we use to resolve this issue is to break the whole Asana into many smaller and doable steps. This way, the student is able to increasingly improve his/her range.

 Finally, the cliché, “Yoga is a way of life”. But it is indeed proving to be the panacea for all of our ills. Whatever we do, it should be a yogic way- diet, work, relaxation, relationships etc.



What do you like to do outside of yoga?


I can answer this question by saying that nothing is out of Yoga. But what the heck. I enjoy reading my newspapers (can’t survive without them). I love to cook and eat vegetarian food especially chat and sweets. Have traveled across 25 countries across the globe and travel continues to be my no.1 passion. And then, I love to play Uno & Monopoly with my 9 year old grandson!!


Deepayan Yoga

Deepayan Yoga was established in September 2014 in Malad East, Mumbai to offer Yoga & Fitness classes. From a modest beginning, we have been able to create a community of more than 400 people from all walks of life, that are focused on Yogic way of life and wellness.


In 2015, Quality control of India (QCI) launched Certification courses to certify Yoga teachers. With this important development, Deepayan Yoga started offering Teacher Training Course from 2016 as per the prescribed syllabus. Our Founder, Mr B S Gupta, was one of the early recipients of the Level 2 certificate in 2016 and Level 3 certificates in 2019.  

Our Mission - Serving the community by training Yoga Teachers and thus help spread the awareness of Yoga.

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