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Understanding The 3 Gunas!

Three Gunas or three constituents of Prakriti or three mental qualities are:

  1. Satva

  2. Rajas

  3. Tamas


A Satvik mind is one that is always in balance समत्वम, experiences peace, purity and lightness. So, state of balance, harmony and equilibrium is called satva. The power of such mind is enormous both in physical and spiritual world. It is concentrated mind एकाग्र and those who makes some invention, new discoveries in the world like scientists are possessive of this mind. The sculptor, the painter, the musician, the singer who is focused on his work wholeheartedly also possess this type of mind.

It is full of knowledge and wisdom, highly discerning. It creates clarity, cutting edge intelligence and fine type of ethical leadership. It creates love, compassion, empathy, calmness, forgiveness and friendliness.


It is a type of mind that is highly active, work oriented. The state of activity or hyper activity is called Rajas. All our passions, emotions, feelings, sentiments belong to this type of mind. It's ambitious, dominating, authoritative and aggressive and possessiveness

It’s also of a type which is unreliable, indecisive, manipulative and cunning It creates greed, envy, anger. It wants to earn wealth and status power, influence and respect. It wants luxuries and comforts too.


Tamas refers to the darkness, ignorance and lazy nature of the mind. It is dull, lethargy, heavy and full of darkness. It's negative, destructive and sexual perversion.

It creates fear, dishonesty, violence, criminality. Full of animal instincts like interested only in food and sex. Persons with tamas predominant mind usually commit all sorts of crimes. Nature of Gunas Satva = happiness

Rajas = misery/pain

Tamas = illusion/Moha. Ability of Gunas Satva = capable of illuminating

Rajas = capable of initiating or intensifying ( प्रवृत)

Tamas = obstructing, resisting. Understanding Gunas

First of all, we must understand that the nature or Prakriti is made of three Gunas and so is the case with our body and mind. Each one of us has three Gunas though their proportion may differ. And the cycle of Gunas are also changing like when we get up in the morning mostly Sattva Guna is operating, as we finish our daily routine and rush for our work Rajas takes over and by the time we return home we are under the influence of tamas. Gunas are intrinsic part of our personality. Still, we can change the proportion of Gunas in our daily life. The method recommended to achieve Satva- a balanced state of body and mind is to watch the state of your body and mind and adjust your life style, diet, physical and mental exercises, the company of persons you keep and values in your life.

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