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Samkalpa is thought. Our mind is a thought producing factory. It goes on producing thoughts from birth till death. But it is the quality of thought that matters. In ordinary people, and in ordinary course thoughts produced by mind are mechanical, repetitive, unruly, unorganised and often negative and regressive. But if mind can be refined the thoughts then produced are organised, positive, progressive and uplifting.

What is the source of these Samkalpas?

Where from the thoughts originate? What is its source? Do we have control on them?

“ nobody has his own thoughts: it is an immensity from ( which) one draws according to his personal affinity; ideas are collective possession, a collective wealth”. Says the Mother ( Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry.

In universe thoughts are floating around. When we tune in the transistor we get a particular type of program and we can select the program as per our choice by changing the frequency. Similarly one draws , one attracts thoughts from the universe depending on his state of mind. If you are angry at the moment, you will draw, capture similar thoughts from the universe as the saying goes “ Like attracts like” or “ Birds of a feather flock together “.

Then there are various layers in the universe - and as we go up higher in the ladder quality of thoughts go on improving and highest thoughts being captured by acclaimed painters, musicians, sculptors, novelist and high thinkers, philosophers.explains this fact mother goes on to explain -

“Only there are different stages. So there is the most common level, the one where all our brains bathe; this indeed swarms here, it is the level of Mr everybody.

Then there is a level that’s slightly higher for people who are thinkers.

And then there are higher levels still- many- some of them are beyond words but they are still domains of ideas. And then there are those capable of shooting right up, catching something which is like a light and making it come down with all its stock of ideas and thoughts. An idea from a higher domain if pulled down organises itself and is crystallised in a large number of thoughts which can express that idea differently; and then if you are a writer or a poet or an artist, when you make it come lower down still, you can have all kinds of expressions. It teaches you to distinguish between the pure idea and the way of expressing it”.

Can we control our thoughts

Yes, very much. The technique suggested by various sages and saints and also propounded in Gita is observing your thoughts. If you start observing your thoughts, the unruly, mechanical and repetitive thoughts will gradually stop. This is called Sakshi Bhav. Here one should clearly understand that he and his thoughts are two different and distinct entities. Then only one would be able to observe from a distance

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