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Organ of Sight-Eyes- care and protection

Eyes are organ of seeing. Normally they are in good condition till say age of 40/45. But we cannot take them for granted. They need care.

Here are some natural/ yogic techniques to take care of your eyes.

  1. In the morning immediately after you get up, go to basin and wash your face, take mouthful water and holding the water inside your mouth splash/ sprinkle water 20/25 times on both of your eyes. Wipe them with clean cloth.

  2. In the evening, before going to bed, do the same thing. This will not only relieve all tension in your eyes, but will help you to take a deep sleep.

  3. Eat lot of green leafy vegetables. Carrot is good for eyes as it contains vitamin A.

  4. Look away from the computer screen. Staring at a computer or for that matter any electronic device for too long causes eye strain, headache, back and neck pain.

  5. Do Tratak- Tratak is a kriya in yoga for the health of your eyes.

Tratak ( Concentrated Gazing)


Light a candle and place it on a small table so that flame is exactly at eye level when sitting. Switch off the fans so that the flame is steady.

Sit in any comfortable meditative asana with head, spine and neck keeping erect.

See that candle is an arm's length away from the body.

Close the eyes and relax the whole body, especially the eyes.

Open the eyes and gaze steadily at the tip of the flame without blinking the eyes or moving the eyeballs. Your whole attention should be focussed at the tip of the flame.

When eyes become tired or when they begin watering, close them gently.

Gaze at the after image of the flame in the space in front of the closed eyes.

Gently open the eyes.

Time of practice

May be performed any time.


May be one or two minutes for the beginners. For advanced students or spiritual seekers, it could be as high as five to ten minutes.


In the case of any type eye ailment it should be avoided particularly rating displacement and cataract, glaucoma etc.


It makes the eyes clear and bright.

Balances the nervous system.

It improves memory and concentration and also will power.

Good preparatory practice for meditation

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