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Meditation- sitting posture- Padmasana ( Lotus pose)

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

Padmasana - Padmasana is a sitting meditative posture. Vedic sages used to do prolonged meditation sitting in this pose. When we sit in this pose our posture is like a flower of lotus hence the name Padmasana.


Sit in dandasana - legs straight in front of the body.

Bend the right leg at knee and place the foot on the top of the left thigh- sole should face upward and heel should be closer to pubic bone.

Now bend the left leg and place left foot on the top of thigh of right leg, in fact heels of both should be pressed against the stomach.

Your ankles will cross each other. If you are flexible enough your both knees should touch the ground in final posture. If it doesn't , practice it for sometime. With increased flexibility they will touch.

Your head, neck and spine should be upright and in straight line, shoulders relaxed.

Place the hands on the knees, palms facing down.

Close your eyes and observe breathing.


It keeps the body steady for longer duration. And the body is steady, it keeps the mind too stable.

It directs prana to move upward from lowest chakra Mooladhar to Sahasrar the highest chakra.

Lowers breathing rate, blood pressure and heart rate.

Stimulate digestive system.

Hatha Yoga Pradipika says that this asan is destroyer of all diseases and it helps in awakening the kundalini Shakti.

Contra indication

Those suffering from sciatica pain or knee injury should avoid this pose.

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