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How many rounds of surya namaskar should be done daily to lose 5 kgs a month and at what pace?

Why should you put a time limit for reducing weight when you didn’t put a limit when it was piling up. Certainly you didn’t add this weight in a month or two or six or even 12. But after piling you want to get rid of it in a month.

I am not discouraging you, I am just looking at its practicability. To me it looks if not impossible but difficult. But more important is even if you could do it, it’s harmful in the long run. Our body is not such that it can be used, abused or misused in the manner we want. Misusing it has serious repercussions.

Now practicability part.

Loss of 1 kg body weight requires burning of 9000 calories. If you do yoga or surya namaskar say for an hour you will end up burning some 300/ 350 calories. If you do vigorously you can burn 400. So doing it regularly for one hour daily for all 30 days, you will be able to burn maximum 12000 calories in a month. Provided of course your existing intake of calories remain the same as your body needs to maintain it. Any additional intake of calories will dilute/ neutralise your efforts to that extent. So by doing it an hour daily you will be able to reduce just over a kg in a month.

if you want to reduce it in a month you will have to multiply your efforts in same proportion- roughly five hours daily. That’s I was saying it looks difficult.

But again I come back to my original question, why put a time limit at all. No doubt you must have goals but goals should be attainable and for overall good of ourselves.

So I appreciate your decision to go for weight loss . But make it a fun and enjoy the journey and don’t make it mechanical and as a form of torture or punishment to body.

Do one hour daily. Maintain that schedule faithfully and your job is done. Then even if it takes five months- let it be. Heavens will not fall if it takes five months. But you are happy and cheerful by doing one hour workout daily without harming your system in any manner.

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